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Argentina border. The combined population of the six member countries is 200 million (220 million with Chile and Bolivia)-more than two thirds of South America's population-with a total GDP of approximately US$1.1 trillion. Mercosur's territory covers nearly 12 million sq km (4.6 million sq mi), comprises 70 percent of the total land mass of South AmericaThe effects of Mercosur are being felt beyond the Brazil

With a population of 175 million people (17 of them within the  Sao Paulo area), Brazil is currently the most important market in Latin America, and also comprises the highest number of consumers in the A and AB brackets.


We are offering you a menu of solid solutions as regards the introduction of your products and services in the Brazilian market.


In SJ & Asociados you will find a number of innovative solutions, tailor- made by Brazilian and Argentine professionals.


Our services range from constitution and start- up of  your own company in Brazil, to economic and research studies for decision making,  representation (agency) and sales services, trading, market research,  Business Plan development, formation of sales teams, etc.


Our binational stance, together with our deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the Brazilian market, allow us to plan and carry out the landing of your company in Brazil, thus observing respect towards your own business culture, and making its adaptation to the Brazilian market easier.


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